8 Tips On How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

For most women, they go through their day without giving their body, and their breasts a second thought. Our breasts tend to be for others, either to feed a baby or for someone else’s pleasure. We don’t think of them unless there’s an issue.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer throughout their lifetime. Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies among women worldwide.

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy
8 Tips On How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

We love our breasts to be healthy, so why not take care of them daily?

  • How do you relate to your breasts?
  • Do you like your breasts?
  • Do you touch and caress them yourself?
  • How do they feel?
  • Do you like it when someone else is stroking, adoring, touching your breasts?
  • In our busy lives, we rarely take the time to connect with our bodies and get to know ourselves. We know so little about our basic biology.


Our breasts are very sensitive, soft, and tender. They are composed of fatty tissues and fibrous connective tissues that bind them together and give them shape. They have many small blood vessels, nerve cells, milk glands, and lymph vessels, and all build in a complex system.

The breast is an organ with a specific function: the production of milk for lactation.

From the Taoist perspective, the liver plays a crucial role in breasts health. The liver’s first task is to move chi (life force) and blood within the body.

Feeling of “pulling” in the breasts, little knots or even cancer are always somehow connected to the liver.

So don’t overload your system with toxic substances.

The breasts are dependent on blood and lymph circulation and receive no help from muscle and joint activity to promote circulation and lymph drainage. Breast and muscle tissues can store unhealthy toxins. These toxins can build to harmful levels.


By doing simple modifications to your lifestyle, you can create important prevention:

1. Get rid of your constricting bra (especially the ones with the underwire), they block the lymphatic drainage and create an accumulation of toxic substances.

2. Exercise daily or at least for 4hours a week.

3. Discard chemicals skincare, hair colorings, deodorants with aluminum.

4. Avoid EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) as much as possible.

5. Eat organic, whole food.

6. Sleep in total darkness to favors the production of melatonin.

7. Stay away from synthetic hormones.

8. Massage your breasts daily.


Very often, we underestimate the healing and nourishing qualities of our breasts. Breast massage is the best prevention. By practicing a simple massage daily, it will help you get in touch with the magical power of your breasts.

The breast massage is designed to help:

  • Increase blood and lymph flow.
  • Reduce the menstrual flow.
  • Alleviate tenderness in the breasts (during nursing too).
  • Reduce scar tissue marks after surgery.

Regular breast massage can also help restore and develop the breasts.

Because there are no muscles in the breast tissues, the only method of getting vibrant, toned breasts is by activating the circulation through massages.

The improved circulation will help tone up the tissues which can help tighten sagging skin.

Sagging is part of the natural aging process. Cooper’s ligaments in the breast, are mainly responsible for maintaining their tone and shape. When the ligaments lose elasticity and weaken, the appearance of the breasts will change sometimes drastically.

The breast massage will help to build up the pectoral muscles that sit behind the breasts, therefore creating the illusion of firmer breasts.

No matter your age or breast size, every woman can benefit from incorporating breast massage into her daily routine.

It’s ideal whether you have your natural breasts and want to maintain their health and appearance, or you had surgery and want to ease the pain of scarring and recover sensations.

Breast massage can even help you improve your breastfeeding experience, and some women also find that it helped to restore their breast shape after nursing.

Your breasts are the gateway to your creativity and attractive power, and you must awaken them to feel more sexually alive.

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy
8 Tips On How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy



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