5 Belly Fat Burning Drinks to Get Flat Tummy Fast

Just as sugary drinks add belly fat to your stomach, there are detox drinks that promote fat loss.

These fat burning drinks boost your metabolism and help rid of your toxins. Together, they maximize your fat-burning potential and melt off your tummy fat.

The best part is these belly fat burning drinks will work with any weight loss diet.

They are easy to make, and the ingredients are accessible and common.

If you are serious about losing belly fat, it’s time to start adding these belly fat drinks to your daily routine and make them part of your lifestyle.

Natural Drinks

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar drink is another powerful morning remedy that can help you lose weight and lose stomach fat.

(ACV)’s Apple cider vinegar acetic acid is known as a weight-loss stimulant. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity effects are exhibited in a study published in 2017. According to the research, acetic acid is found to help lower your blood sugar levels and improve metabolism. What’s more, it may work to suppress appetite and increase fat loss, which may lead to shedding pounds ( 1, 2).

Needless to say, one of the many impressive benefits of apple cider vinegar is losing tummy fat.

This is also evident in another study on 175 obese participants. Per their experts, those who took apple cider vinegar daily reduced belly fat and lost weight (1).

To take ACV every day, make this belly fat reducing ACV diet drink:

  • 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • one cup (warm water),
  • 1 tsp of raw honey
  • 1 tbsp of squeezed lime juice.

Mix all four ingredients and drink every morning before breakfast.

The trick is to drink this first thing in the morning before you start eating or drinking anything else.

2. Lemon Water

Here is another powerful morning diet drink, lemon water.

Like ACV detox diet drinks, lemon water can help decrease the stubborn belly fat.

Lemon is known for improving digestion and boosting energy for its high vitamin C content (3).

It also has cleansing effects and helps flush out toxins out of your body. By making water into lemon water, it brings hydration and metabolism benefits.

Since the lemon drink is a low-calorie tonic, it can aid weight loss by switching it from sugary drinks.

It can also help your belly fat loss

Making a lemon water drink is easy.

Try this simple 2-ingredient recipe below:

  • 1 glass of water
  • Lemon juice from 1/4 lemon

Just combine the two items below and drink. You may also create your varieties by adding other superfoods like ginger and cucumber.

Pair this drink with a healthy diet and it will help you lose weight including the weight around your belly.

Make this your go-to drink for the rest of your day to boost its benefits.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is another popular beverage that’s associated with weight loss.

And it’s well-studied.

Numerous studies cite that drinking green tea can increase fat burn and help you lose weight. It’s also effective for burning fat in the abdomen area.

It’s the high polyphenols content in green tea that makes this tea an exceptional diet drink that burns fat.

Also, the green tea extract called catechins holds the key to its fat burning and metabolism benefits.

All in all, green tea, made of unfermented leaves are full of antioxidants that aid weight loss.

What’s more, drinking green tea often leads to lower blood pressure. It’s also linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, certain types of cancers, diabetes, and such (4).

Drink around 3-5 cups per day to get the best benefits.

4. Coffee

Coffee is loved around the world for its energy-boosting effect.

It’s a staple in our morning rituals.

But this cup of Joe can do far more than just wake you up in the morning.

Coffee is a caffeinated drink. It contains caffeine which functions as a stimulant in your body and promotes fat loss.

Coffee is long known for its metabolism-boosting effect and increase fat burn. All of which can help reduce belly fat.

In particular, green coffee is known to be high in chlorogenic acids.

Research suggests it may assist in aiding weight loss by converting fat into energy (5).

The trick to keeping your coffee diet friendly is to keep your sugar and milk out of it. Keep your coffee black to aid your weight loss and fat burning.

5. Water

Replacing high-calorie sugary beverages with water can benefit your health and body weight.

If you are wondering how to lose belly fat, it’s one of the easiest tips you can follow.

Water is like a health drink. It can keep you feeling full between meals and increase the number of calories you burn daily.

Research shows when people have a glass of water 30 minutes before their meals, they lose more weight than those that don’t.

In one study, this was clearly evident.

In their 48-participant study, one group had 17oz of water before each meal while eating a low-calorie diet. The other group skipped the water. In their 12 week study, those who drank water saw a 44% more weight loss. (6)

Another way drinking cold water contributes to weight loss is it boosts metabolism.

Research on overweight children shows there was a 25% increase in resting energy expenditure 40 minutes after drinking cold water. (7).

It’s an easy way to boost your resting metabolic rate and burn more calories even while you rest.

To burn off additional belly fat and torch calories, get in a habit to drink water and forego sugary drinks.

It’ll keep your appetite in check and flush out toxins. All these lead to a healthy weight loss that’ll last.

Your daily goal is to drink half of your body-weight in oz.

5 Belly Fat Burning Drinks to Get Flat Tummy Fast
5 Belly Fat Burning Drinks to Get Flat Tummy Fast


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