20 Best Healthy Foods For Crazy Weight Loss

It’s common for women to reach a point where they feel it’s finally the time to begin their weight loss journey, but often times it’s hard to pick where to start.
Your family life and work can be hectic that you might feel like it’s impossible to get started, but there are some simple changes you can make to your diet that will change your whole lifestyle.
You may find it surprising that it’s not necessary to add an exercise routine alongside your diet until you stay consistent for six months since with your diet change.
To begin your journey, we have compiled the best science-proven foods for weight loss to help you achieve the ideal physique.

20 Best Healthy Foods For Crazy Weight Loss
20 Best Healthy Foods For Crazy Weight Loss

Let’s explore these fantastic foods.

1. Salsa

Salsa is a dancing style, and a delicacy as well.
Instead of dressing your salads with ketchup, use salsa.
Salsa has five calories and zero grams of sugar per tablespoon, while ketchup has whopping 19 calories and 4 grams of sugar for each tablespoon.
Salsa is also packed with nutritious veggies including tomatoes which contain vitamin C and fat-blasting fiber.
Add some jalapenos to your salsa to help boost your metabolism.

2. Oatmeal

A cup of oatmeal has as much protein as an egg and 4 grams of fiber.
The breakfast food is a perfect weight loss agent.
According to a study, it was found out that oatmeal is far better than corn flakes for breakfast even though they have a similar calorie count.
The cornflakes have added sugars while oatmeal lowers hunger ratings and gives greater fullness.
To get more fiber in your system, sprinkle chia seeds, and berries on top of the oatmeal but avoid fattening syrup and sugar.

3. Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti is a common food in many homes around the world.
Most people consume the refined one which has no fiber and micronutrients but has more calories.
Spaghetti squash is an excellent source of the beneficial vitamin A and potassium, and every cup of squash is filled with 40 calories while the plain pasta has more.
Change to spaghetti squash, and you will be heading to the cloth store to grab more skinny jeans.

4. Eggs

According to a study conducted by Nutrition Research, eating eggs for breakfast makes you feel full, and they also help you consume fewer calories in the day making them a secret weapon for weight loss.
Eggs are loaded with proteins, amino acids, healthy fats, and antioxidants.
One large egg contains less than a gram of carbs.
You can boil the eggs or fry them with corn oil to enjoy their amazing benefits.

5. Whole Grain

Whole grains like rice, cereal, and pasta are weight loss friendly, and you should eat them instead of refined white grains if you want to achieve your goals.
According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, feeding on whole grains increases calorie loss and speeds up metabolism.
They are also packed with heart-healthy fiber, unlike refined grains.

6. Almonds

Nuts have high calories for sure, but they also have other properties like high protein and fiber content making them perfect foods for weight loss.
An example of those nuts is almonds.
A published study in the journal, “Circulation” stated that feeding on 1.5 ounces of almonds on a daily basis alongside a heart-healthy diet helps to improve cholesterol.
The same study also indicated that eating almonds reduce belly fat as well.

7. Quinoa

We mentioned grains above, and quinoa is one of them.
If you are looking to shed weight, increase your quinoa consumption.
It’s rich in protein and fiber and also contains 20 calories for every cup.
Quinoa is also one of the plant foods that are packed with the complete set of amino acids, and it can help your body convert those acids directly into muscle.

8. Greek Yogurt

Back to breakfast, Greek yogurt is one of the suitable options for weight loss due to its high-protein content.
The journal, “Appetite,” indicates that research was conducted to compare the satiety effects of low, moderate and high protein and they found that the yogurt with the highest effect was the Greek yogurt.
Greek yogurt also helps the good bacteria in your gut in food processing.
If you want more protein in your glass of yogurt and an alternative to the Greek one, check out Icelandic yogurts.

9. Dark Chocolate

Contrary to the rumors going around that eating dark chocolates can lead to obesity, it can actually help you lose weight.
Research showed that eating two servings of dark chocolate every day helps to cut waist size.
Scientists have linked the weight loss effects to flavonoids which are heart-healthy in the dark chocolate.
Harvard professors have indicated that flavonoids have the ability to reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and mortality.
Chocolate induces satiety just like nuts do. Buy chocolate bar with 70 percent cacao or more.
Other bars with less than that have reduced flavonoid content and added sugars.
They are probably the ones leading to obesity.

10. Green Tea

Most types of tea have been proven to have health benefits and aid weight loss, and green tea is one of them.
According to The Journal of Nutrition, those who sipped four of five cups of green tea and worked out for 25 minutes every day lost more belly fat after two weeks than those who didn’t drink any tea.
Scientists have indicated that green tea has catechins which are antioxidants that aid rapid weight loss and prevents the development of belly fat.

11. Sweet Potato

Although white potatoes are rich in potassium and fiber, they can’t beat their counterparts, the sweet potatoes in the nutrition department Consider adding sweet potatoes to your diet.
One large sweet potato can contain about 4 grams of protein that boost satiety, high vitamin A deposits, and belly-filling fiber. Moreover, a sweet potato has less than 200 calories.

12. Coconut Oil

Even though coconut oil is high in saturated fat, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid it if you want to reduce weight.
According to a study published in “Pharmacology,” two tablespoons of coconut oil daily can reduce the waist size at an average of 1.1 inches a month.
Coconut oil has a high smoke point, and it’s a trusted cooking companion.
However, don’t use it to cook every day.
You should rotate other cooking oils.

13. Avocado

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats that help to boost metabolism and reduce hunger.
In fact, as research indicated, people who eat at least half an avocado with their meals have a low desire to eat again after some hours.
The nutritious fruit also has loads of unsaturated fats which have been known to stop the storage of belly fat, have satiating fiber, and contain healthy antioxidants.

14. Peanut Butter

Don’t be surprised. It’s true that peanut butter is packed with calories, but if you make a combo of peanuts and a speckle of salt, they can become good foods for weight loss.
Peanut butter is not as bad as you probably thought.
The butter also has monounsaturated fats like the avocado that helps with belly slimming, provides protein to boost metabolism, fiber, and genistein which helps to turn down obesity causing genes.

15. Watermelon

Just like dark chocolates, watermelons have flavonoids.
The compound exists in large deposits in red fruits, the watermelon being one of them.
Other fruits with this compound are plums and Pink Lady apples, and they all help your body in reducing weight.
According to a 2016 study by BMJ, people who eat foods with flavonoids tend to gain less weight which could be a solution since many people tend to weigh more as they age.
Anthocyanin, which is a specific flavonoid that gives all the red fruits their color has been linked to the reduction of genes that trigger fat storage.

16. Garlic

According to a study, garlic powder helps to reduce weight and fat mass for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Garlic can also help to boost your immune system, minimize the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, increase your memory, and fight inflammation.
Studies have also shown that garlic controls lipid levels and supports blood-sugar metabolism.
Consider adding some garlic to your meals including soups.
It’s preferable over salt.

17. Water

Water is beneficial to your body in a thousand ways, and it’s also an ally of weight loss.
For beginners, sipping some water before taking your meal can help to minimize your intake.
Water is a much better choice than diet soda or processed fruit juice which has artificial sweeteners that can trigger bell fat quickly.
It helps to blast more fat.
According to a British journal, people who drink 16 ounces of water before a meal lose weight faster, almost 12 pounds a year.
So, instead of drinking water after a meal, make it before!

18. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the foods that contain calcium and vitamin C which boost metabolism in unison.
But broccoli has one more benefit to your body than the other foods.
The green veggie contains fiber which is known to increase the absorption of food, storage, and aid digestion.
Metabolism boost and better digestion, absorption, and storage of food are part and parcel of achieving a weight loss goal.

19. Sesame Seeds

The little buggers that you probably don’t pay attention to are among the most weight-loss friendly foods.
Research has shown that sesame with their crunchy nature can contribute to your weight maintenance.
The researcher suspect that it’s the plant compounds in sesame seeds known as lignans that make them special.
A 2015 study showed that women consuming a high level of lignans lost weight or gained less compared to those who didn’t consume the seeds.
Add them to your salad or whole wheat noodle meals to experience their effects.

20. Oysters

Seafood has always been known to be nutritious to your body.
Comes in the oysters with the same properties which contribute to weight loss with their extraordinary zinc content.
According to a study on people with obesity and consuming 30 milligrams of zinc every day weighed less, had lower BMI, and there were improvements in their blood cholesterol levels.
One raw oyster contains 5 milligrams of zinc.
Alternatively, you can consume mushrooms, spinach, and pumpkin seeds which are excellent zinc sources.

20 Best Healthy Foods For Crazy Weight Loss



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